What to Know About Makeup Mirror

The most important mirror function is as a tool to see the reflection of body parts that can’t be seen directly by our eyes. Admittedly, it is this function that has developed since ancient times. Even the mirror becomes part of the life of society thanks to its ability to help human makeup and correct the appearance. Nowadays, you can benefit from the availability of various types of Makeup Mirror in the market. You can even buy such that product online.

In the past, the mirror was not as easy as it is today. Knowledge makes the mirror still minimal. This causes the mirror to have only seen a handful of people. Usually, only the nobility has a mirror. The price of a relatively expensive mirror to be the cause, At least a lot of it makes the mirror so one of the wealth benchmarks. Certainly, a large mirror with a charming frame carving is owned by the nobles. The bigger and beautiful the carving, the higher the social strata of the nobility.