Here are Some Tips on Using Socks With Shoe Heels

Especially for women, mix and match socks and shoes is not an easy thing and quite difficult to do, because there are many types of shoes that can be used and can be combined with your socks. one of the socks you can use is Novelty Socks. There are many colors and motifs that you can choose there.

One type of tough boots combined with socks is heels. So you’ll need some of these tips for the perfect match.

– Horizontal stripes socks
Socks with striped motifs seem to match you with silver-covered heels. In order for the bottom of the foot to be exposed, you can wear a mini dress.

– Plain socks
For you who want to use many colors and motifs, you can use plain white socks and mixed with heels.

– Glitter socks
You can use socks with glitter with velvet heels that open to give a cool impression.