Know these before you’re repairing your wooden house foundation

To begin with, we recommend familiarizing with the basic implementation management of wooden home strip fixes. In order to take some action, it is necessary first to bare the foundation. Along the perimeter of the building dug a trench width up to half a meter and such depth to open the bottom of the foundation. Apart from that, check out the free foundation repair estimate in McKinney TX as well.

When uneven home subsidence is sufficient to reinforce only the locations where the houses are drowning. If the above steps do not help, you must rebuild the foundation completely.

partial restoration of the bottom strip to remove previously destroyed parts. Next, the hole is drilled in the foundation, and it fitted the fittings or anchor the connection purpose. If you prefer the second option, after the installation of the anchor, connect them to the fitting using welding. Next, the moat is filled with a liquid concrete composition. It is preferable to carry out a working area of 150-200 cm. Among them, set a small bridge. Should not rush to fill the entire trench, as the concrete will be absorbed into the damaged area of the foundation in stages. Each flood area is connected with the previous by strengthening the bar. Thus, concrete solutions fill the land for a while to prevent the decline.

If the sags building is evenly distributed, it is preferable to build around the base of the solid belt, a depth of about 25 cm, which is a stronger strengthening and filled with high-quality concrete solutions.

In this case, at the bottom of the hole settled drainage system in the form of sand pillows. Next, the old brick undergoes a general reinforcement using a solid steel mesh. When finished filling the end of the base size of the trench increases and gains additional strength. On the ground, make sure to adjust the current.

Repair of old wooden houses with uneven foundations warps in one of the more difficult parts to perform. To do this, it is necessary to improve a special technique, which will improve the house in the right place.

It is advisable to bring home all sorts of equipment and heavy items, before starting the recovery. In some cases, even at home removed windows and doors.