Stress management and enough laugh can be good for your memory

Stress is the most important brain enemy. When a person is stressed, the cells in the brain can be damaged, especially in the hippocampus, the inner part of the brain that functions to form new memories and store long-term memory. On the other hand, perhaps you need to visit and find an excellent supplement for enhancing your memory.

Some of the following tips may make you avoid stress:

Target realistic expectations, and do not be afraid to reject something beyond the limits of ability
Take a break after completing a job
Express feelings and thoughts and do not hold them for yourself
Balance working time and leisure time
Better focus on one job at a time

In addition, laughter is the best medicine, no exception for the brain and memory in it. A psychologist, Daniel Goleman, writes in his book Emotional Intelligence, ‘Laughter can help humans think more broadly and be more free friends’.

Looking for ways to bring laughter to your life? Try some of these basic things:

Laugh yourself! Share the embarrassing moments you’ve experienced.
When you hear others laugh, join in and share funny things.
Spend time with humorous and humorous people.
Surround yourself with things that can make laughter. Store toys on the desk, post posters in the office, select a computer wallpaper that can make you laugh.
Pay attention to the children and toddlers around you.