Simple yet important tips for your live streams

Lighting is crucial when making a video. In order to face look attractive, it takes excellent lighting. For that, you have to direct the light source, such as sun and light, to the face area. Meanwhile, you might want to check out to find high-quality ring lights for your live streams.

When the lighting from around the live stream location is not strong enough, turn on the flashlight on the smartphone. Make sure the light that leads to the face is bright enough so that viewers can see the face area clearly.

Camera Position

Many live streaming actors place gadgets such as smartphones or webcam recorders in a position that is too low, for example, that leads under the chin. We recommend placing the recording gadget equivalent to the eye position or slightly higher. If you use a laptop on a desk, you can place some books underneath to support the webcam at eye level.

Matched Background

After the face, the other thing that most viewers view live streaming is the background of the live broadcaster. Make sure the background on which the live broadcasts look interesting and match the theme to be covered.