The Purpose of Tree Pruning

Do you know if pruning on the plant using tree service was very important to do? because it has many advantages and benefits generated. The advantages of doing pruning on plants that we have are to improve the health of plants and the beauty of plants. In addition, plants that have cambium or have a hard stem and has shaped or tree shrubs need to be pruned because it aims to:

1. Eliminate the abnormal branches of growth, so branching and leaves grow high and good.

2. By pruning its branches so that the protective crops form a good shaft, remove the sick or damaged branches, can also form a tree for design purposes.

3. Throw out the wild shoots from the main tree.

4. So that air and sunlight can freely enter so that the growth of branches can be good and plants avoid the moisture that stimulates the fungus attacks.

5. Extend the life of plants and inhibit flowering, for this purpose pruning is done before the flowering plants.

6. To trim the tree is to cut deeply so that live stumps and shoots maintained.

7. Combating pests and diseases, ie by removing the branches that are sick, die and grow worse.

8. In order for the newly planted underlying crops to get as much sunlight as possible.

9. To permit new growth and better air circulation.

10. Reduced evaporation when seedlings are transferred to the garden.

11. Acquired long branches to accelerate growth after pruning followed by fertilization.

12. To reduce the height of the tree and reduce branch branches that block the lower branches.

Implementation of good pruning, especially for trees, should pay attention to the timing of proper execution. Generally, tree pruning is done on a particular season, depending on the type of growth. As for things to note when doing pruning such as: pruning is not done at the time of the tree is flowering / fruiting season, pruning the form should be done when the tree is leafed, that is for the type that leaves the leaf.