Foundation problems that might occur in your home

The decreased or partially lost soil foundations often occur in homes or buildings located on the edge of cliffs, in mountain areas, on the seashore, or on the banks of rivers where the soil is unstable or easily eroded. This condition is quite worrying because if the foundation of the land declines in part, it is feared the house will collapse at any time. If the condition is not so severe, you may be able to strengthen the foundation by installing the structure of wood or bamboo as a buffer. However, if the decline is severe enough, consider moving from the house. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to contact the Reblocking Melbourne if you need to reblock the wooden stump of your house.

Apart from that, leakage problems should also be wary of. Leaks can not only happen to pipes or channels. In fact, the foundation can also leak due to soil conditions with high humidity levels. As a result, there will be seepage of water coming out through a crack in the foundation or floor. This moist and wet soil condition can also cause the soil to become shriveled and unstable.

Leakage on this foundation can also be caused by a leaky water pipe whose location is embedded not far from the foundation of the house. If this is the case, then we need to fix the leaking pipe first, then go to fix the leakage on the foundation by patching the gap that can be a seepage of water.