Stress and Tired With Daily Jobs? Do a Yoga Retreat

Do you feel bored with the work you normally do? If so, this is a good time for you to do yoga retreats Italy. Follow our retreat and improve its benefits. By visiting our website and joining us, you can get 6 nights accommodation, 2 x 2 hours yoga class and feel the real Italy.

Why do yoga?

Yoga is known for its sports consisting of various poses or postures. Not only that first, every pose has special effects that are not good for the body, but also the mind and soul calm. Yoga comes from Sanskrit word that is Yuj (union). When interpreted then yoga means a body, mind, and soul.

Each posture (yoga) has a therapeutic effect, eg a cobra’s posture is good for digestion, the warrior (posture standing) is for energy. Yoga is not just a matter of posture (pose), because there are 8 important philosophies underlying yoga, namely:

Universal ethics (yamma), such as ahimsa (non-violence), not lying, not stealing, etc.
Discipline (ni yamma) like cleanliness
Ansana (posture or pose)
Union (relationship with God)

So it’s not just posturing problems, but there are also breathing exercises, concentration, focus whose effects will not only on the body but also the soul and mind.

What are the benefits of yoga for the mind and soul?

When doing yoga exercises, one should set the rhythmic breath. And a compilation of breath runs rhythmically the mind will begin focus and conservation. While the soul (soul) can be calm with yoga practice, because movement, breath, will make people focus on that moment. The soul of the person becomes uneasy because of the thought for the past and the future. Our mind is natural it is hard to think about the present situation. Well, with this yoga we will strive to be here and now, and can provide inner peace.