Managing the payment of invoices

If you notice that your customers are delaying payments until the last date, it may be time to start providing early payment incentives by offering small discounts on prepaid invoices for awards. By rewarding your customers for their business, you will be able to drive customer loyalty and ensure they pay their bills immediately. In the meantime, you may also need to use the blank invoice on the internet for once in a while.

Also, pay attention to penalties for late payment. If giving incentives to early payments is a reward for encouraging immediate payments, then you can also impose penalties for late payments. By adding a late fee to the invoice, you will emphasize an important element of the charge.

However, if the due date has passed and no payment has been made, then it’s time to send a reminder to a personal email, text or phone call. By sending this reminder, you help remind customers of their unpaid charges, and show your seriousness in invoicing billing.